Thursday, September 2, 2010

Utah County Fair

The last hurrah before school starting was the Utah County Fair.  Here are a few pics I thought you all might enjoy.
Tennille's entries into the fair of peanut butter cookies and drop filled cookies. She was pretty excited that they took 2nd place

JaCoby entered a drawing to which he entitled the D-Age and he was very excited that he took 1st place and beat mom!
Grandma Winkler came up and went with us to the 3rd annual demolition derby. It was most likely one of the best I have ever seen!

We loved this wreck!! Amazingly enough both drivers were OK and continued to drive the beat up vehicles.
There was one car that flipped over, unfortunately I can't find the photo to show you, luckily there were no injuries in any of the crashes.
There was one car in the championship round that lost the right rear wheel and tire and continued to drive and hit vehicles and never quit, he came in second place. Not bad for a 3 wheeled sedan. Sorry that some of the photos are so dark, it got late as the derby went on.
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