Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Pics as promised

I promised more pics so here they are
JaCoby and I having a great time at the Jazz/Knicks game
I couldn't resist taking photos of the great ones John Stockton and Karl Malone

Before the game I entered a drawing to win a Harley. I said what the heck, I don't know how to ride one and my name won't get drawn. Well my name did get drawn and I got called and before the game was escorted to the court by 2 Jazz dancers to shoot a half court shot. If I make the shot I win the bike. I missed the shot very badly. Oh well. Hey I got to meet Ron Boone and Craig Bolerjack during a time out of the pregame show.
The following are pics from the floor

The retired numbered jerseys hanging from the rafters
Other significant moments in Jazz history
The Final Score
Jazz 103 Knicks 98

After the game JaCoby got a pic with Big T, Pace Mannion and David James.
I had to toss a pic of my birrthday cake.

notice the numbers, no I am not 323 I am 35 (3 and 2+3) LOL
Tennille's idea on that one. :)

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